About us

Southern Care landscape is a family owned business located in Charleston. South Carolina. Southern Care landscape was created in 2006 by Joseph and Yvonne Gabe in Adams Run, South Carolina. As a means of creating jobs for their family members. That same year Myron Wiggins became a co-establisher to Southern Care Landscape. Southern Care Landscape has been servicing the lowcountry for 15 years with various projects as such Moe's Grille, residential properties, law firms, Longbourough, Midway Landing and Community Association Managmenet Services.


Myron Wiggins is a co founder of Southern Care Landscaping. He holds degress in hoticulture and is certified in Landscape Mainternance, Sustainabilty and Exterior Design. He co founded Southern Care landscape in 2006, co-founded Southern Care Design in 2015 and fouded Southern Care Corporation 2012. In his spare time he enjoys playing pool and watching sports. Myron has over 20 years of experience in landscape maintenance and exterior design. Myron brings his knowledge of manegement, landscape knowledge,  and  extermely knowlegable of grass/flowers Overall, he enjoys being in the field assisting his team.


Charles is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. He is a dedicated landscape mainternace and exterior design.


Trey assists our team with landscape maintenance and design. His strong points are details and accuracy. He brings a vast amount of knowledge of landscape mainternance.  He is a fast learner and strives to create detailed design. He is a native of Jamaica.


Jessica brings her talents from Spartanburg, South Carolina. She assists our team with website creation, branding, marketing and human resources. Jessica is a Charleston Southern Univesity Alumni and a Webster University Alumni. She has assisted our team since 2011 with her expertise and knowledge of website creation, technology management, contracts, and legal policy.